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Press about Ukraine in US and Canada. November 11, 2019

The Blaze (USA) : Report: State Department defied White House, released Ukraine aid before President Trump says he authorized it – 23:02 (EET)

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Ukrainian Forces, Separatists Complete Pullback From Frontline Area – 23:02 (EET)

The Blaze (USA) : Piers Morgan shreds ‘shameless’ liberal hypocrisy after Donald Trump Jr.’s appearance on ‘The View,’ praises his spirit: ‘He gave as good as he got’ – 22:02 (EET)

Voice of America (USA) : Trump Renews Attacks on Impeachment Probe Targeting Him – 22:02 (EET)

Voice of America (USA) : Trump, in Veterans Day Remarks, Hails Recent Deaths of IS Leaders – 22:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Sondland’s Lawyer Shoots Down Trump’s Baseless Claim Of Transcript Alteration – 21:04 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Lev Parnas’ Lawyer Claims He Pushed Ukraine For Probe Of Bidens Using Threat Of Aid Freeze – 21:04 (EET)

The Atlantic (USA) : Will the Generals Ever Crack? – 20:02 (EET)

ABC News (USA) : Ukraine, rebels say pullback in the east is completed – 20:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Rick Perry Pals Landed Ukraine Gas Rights Contract After Boost From Secretary – 20:02 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : Perry backers secured lucrative Ukraine gas deal after his meeting with new president: report – 19:02 (EET)

NBC (USA) : After push from Rick Perry, his backers got huge gas deal in Ukraine – 19:02 (EET)

Business Insider (USA) : Everything you need to know about Trump’s impeachment process: what’s happened, who the players are, and what comes next – 18:02 (EET)

Right Side News (USA) : After Investigation, The Logic Of Impeachment Is Beyond Orwellian, Requires Further Investigation – 18:02 (EET)

The Blaze (USA) : Liberals, media claim Vindman fired from NSC, immediately bash Trump. Turns out it was completely false. – 18:02 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : Ukraine says it expects same amount of US aid in 2020 'if not larger' – 18:02 (EET)

National Newswatch (Canada) : Supporters of Rick Perry secured huge gas deal in Ukraine after push from energy secretary – 18:02 (EET)

The Washington Times (USA) : After push from Rick Perry, backers got huge gas deal in Ukraine – 18:02 (EET)

Toronto Star (Canada) : After push from Perry, backers got huge gas deal in Ukraine – 18:02 (EET)

Global TV (Canada) : Supporters of Rick Perry secured huge gas deal in Ukraine after push from energy secretary – 18:02 (EET)

The Atlantic (USA) : The Ukraine Transcripts Are a Road Map for Impeachment – 18:02 (EET)

U.S. News (USA) : Kremlin Eyes Four-Way Ukraine Summit This Year – 17:03 (EET)

Business Insider (USA) : Aides reportedly tried to anticipate the fallout from Biden’s son’s dealings in Ukraine back in 2014, but were shut down because he was consumed by grief – 16:02 (EET)

Business Insider (USA) : A businessman involved in Giuliani’s quest for Biden dirt claims he was sent on mission to broker a ‘quid pro quo,’ and his testimony could be highly damaging for Trump – 15:03 (EET)

New Republic (USA) : High Crimes – 15:03 (EET)

NPR (Canada) : The Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry Begins A New Phase This Week: What You Need To Know – 14:02 (EET)

Miami Herald (USA) : After push from Perry, backers got huge gas deal in Ukraine – 13:04 (EET)

Miami Herald (USA) : After push from Perry, backers got huge gas deal in Ukraine – 13:04 (EET)

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Lawyer For Suspect In Killing of Russian Lawmaker Voronenkov In Ukraine Shot Dead – 11:02 (EET)

Business Insider (USA) : John Bolton reportedly kept secret notes about his encounters with the president – 10:04 (EET)

The Washington Times (USA) : What’s coming in impeachment: Public hearings, messaging – 09:02 (EET)

The Daily Beast (USA) : John Oliver: Lindsey Graham’s Defense of Trump Is He’s a Dumb Baby – 09:02 (EET)

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : In Poland, Ukrainian Donbas War Veteran Faces Extradition To Russia – 06:03 (EET)

Reason.com (USA) : Former White House Russia Expert Called Push for Politically Motivated Investigations ‘Blatant’ in Impeachment Inquiry Transcripts – 05:02 (EET)

The Washington Times (USA) : Donald Trump aides fight over Ukraine policy – 05:02 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : Giuliani associate says he sought to pressure Ukraine to investigate Bidens – 03:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Reports: Bolton Has Landed A Million-Dollar Book Deal – 02:03 (EET)

CBS (USA) : Trump retaliates against impeachment proceedings, toys with releasing Ukraine call summary – 01:03 (EET)

Toronto Star (Canada) : What Joe Biden actually did in Ukraine – 01:03 (EET)

The Atlantic (USA) : Nikki Haley’s Audacious Bet – 01:03 (EET)

Voice of America (USA) : Trump Assails Impeachment Hearings as ‘Disgraceful’ – 01:03 (EET)

The Washington Times (USA) : Rand Paul blasts Trump, Joe Biden over Ukraine manipulation – 00:02 (EET)

The Blaze (USA) : Bombshell: Nikki Haley claims senior officials tried enlisting her to sabotage President Trump – 00:02 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : Trump urges allies to not ‘be led into the fools trap’ of saying Ukraine call ‘was not perfect, but is not impeachable’ – 00:02 (EET)

World Tribune (USA) : Transcripts: State Dept. official says concerns about Hunter Biden conflict were dismissed – 00:02 (EET)

World press about Ukraine

World press about Ukraine

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