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Press about Ukraine in US and Canada. November 13, 2019

The Hill (USA) : Kent, Taylor say they’re not ‘Never Trumpers’ after Trump twitter offensive – 23:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : GOPers Largely Ignore Witnesses While Monologue’ing On Conspiracy Theories – 23:02 (EET)

The Atlantic (USA) : The System Was Blinking Red – 23:02 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : GOP counsel acknowledges ‘irregular channel’ between U.S. and Ukraine – 23:02 (EET)

The Daily Beast (USA) : Devin Nunes Pushes ‘Ukrainian Collusion’ Conspiracy Theories During Impeachment Hearing – 23:02 (EET)

The Daily Beast (USA) : George Kent’s Bow Tie Wins at Trump Impeachment Hearing – 23:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Eric Trump Calls Impeachment Hearing Boring, But Keeps Tweeting About It – 23:02 (EET)

Business Insider (USA) : A top State Department official blew a hole through one of Trump’s main talking points in the impeachment hearing – 22:04 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Taylor Aide Who Reportedly Overheard Trump Call About ‘Investigations’ Will Testify Friday – 22:04 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Meadows Says ‘Everyone Has Their Impression Of What Truth Is’ Amid Damning Hearing – 22:04 (EET)

Miami Herald (USA) : GOP counsel’s defense of back channel to Ukraine: ‘Not as outlandish as it could be’ – 22:04 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : Democratic lawmaker: It ‘defies logic’ for Trump to push Ukraine to investigate Biden – 22:04 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : Chris Wallace: Taylor testimony ‘very damaging to President Trump’ – 22:04 (EET)

The Washington Times (USA) : The Latest: Ukrainians perplexed by impeachment hearings – 22:04 (EET)

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Top U.S. Envoy In Ukraine Testifies In Trump Impeachment Hearing – 22:04 (EET)

The Atlantic (USA) : The Big New Revelation in the First Impeachment Hearing – 22:04 (EET)

The Blaze (USA) : Ukraine diplomat drops new info that Trump was overheard saying he cares more about Biden investigation than Ukraine – 22:04 (EET)

The Daily Beast (USA) : Fox’s Chris Wallace: Bill Taylor Was ‘Very Impressive’ and ‘Very Damaging’ to Trump – 22:04 (EET)

The Blaze (USA) : House Intel Chair Adam Schiff claims during impeachment hearing that he does not know the whistleblower’s identity – 22:04 (EET)

Voice of America (USA) : Americans Tune in as First Public Impeachment Hearing Opens – 21:02 (EET)

United Press International (USA) : Impeachment hearing: Diplomat William Taylor says Ukraine aid depended on Biden probes – 21:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Fox Cuts To Commercial When Schiff Starts Asking Questions At Open Hearing – 21:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Taylor Succinctly Shoots Down Mulvaney’s Argument At That Disastrous Presser – 21:02 (EET)

The Washington Times (USA) : ‘Sad day’ or ‘scam’? What to watch at impeachment hearing – 21:02 (EET)

National Newswatch (Canada) : U.S. diplomat says Trump asked about ‘the investigations’ day after Ukraine call – 21:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : NRCC Depicts Schiff As A Clown Amid First Public Impeachment Hearing – 21:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Notable – 21:02 (EET)

National Newswatch (Canada) : Diplomat says aide heard Trump ask about “investigations” day after Ukraine call — live updates – 21:02 (EET)

Miami Herald (USA) : Trump felt ‘wronged’ by Ukraine and ‘owed’ investigation into Biden, diplomat says – 21:02 (EET)

Business Insider (USA) : State Department official George Kent testified in public impeachment hearing that Rudy Giuliani ‘undermined’ US national security with ‘politically motivated investigations’ in Ukraine – 20:03 (EET)

United Press International (USA) : Diplomat William Taylor at impeachment hearing: President Donald Trump cared more about Bidens than Ukraine – 20:03 (EET)

The Daily Beast (USA) : Diplomats: Trump Effort to Extort Ukraine ‘Undercut,’ ‘Damaged’ U.S. – 20:03 (EET)

TPM (USA) : In Impeachment Surprise, Taylor Unveils New Evidence Directly Implicating Trump – 20:03 (EET)

TPM (USA) : WH Claims Trump Isn’t Watching Public Impeachment Testimonies As He RTs Clips Of Hearing – 20:03 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : READ: William Taylor’s opening statement at impeachment hearing – 20:03 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Aides Advise Trump Not To Fire Mulvaney As Public Impeachment Hearings Begin – 20:03 (EET)

The Daily Signal (USA) : Impeachment Is the Left’s Sad Final Attempt to Beat Trump – 20:03 (EET)

TPM (USA) : WaPo: Giuliani Pals Personally Told Trump Ukraine Ambassador Was Against Him Last Year – 20:03 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : Taylor testifies Trump cared more about ‘investigations’ than Ukraine – 20:03 (EET)

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Ukraine Moves To Lift Ban On Farmland Sale – 20:03 (EET)

NPR (Canada) : READ: Opening Statement Of Deputy Assistant Secretary Of State George Kent – 20:03 (EET)

The Washington Times (USA) : Diplomat Taylor reveals that staffer overheard Trump on call discuss ‘the investigations’ in Ukraine – 20:03 (EET)

Miami Herald (USA) : The Latest: Taylor testifies to 2 channels in Ukraine policy – 19:03 (EET)

TPM (USA) : READ: George Kent’s Testimony Relaying His ‘Alarm’ At Actions Of Giuliani, Others – 19:03 (EET)

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Adam Schiff Opens Trump Impeachment Hearings – 19:03 (EET)

The Atlantic (USA) : Read Adam Schiff’s Opening Statement in the First Impeachment Hearing – 19:03 (EET)

NBC (USA) : Watch live: Trump impeachment inquiry hearings – 19:03 (EET)

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Ukraine Is Center Stage In The Impeachment Probe, But Moscow Feels Shock Waves – 19:03 (EET)

NBC (USA) : George Conway: I’m ‘horrified’ and ‘appalled’ that the GOP has come to this – 19:03 (EET)

Macleans (Canada) : Trump impeachment hearing with witnesses William Taylor and George Kent: Live video – 18:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Trump Rage-Tweets In Anticipation Of First Public Impeachment Hearings – 18:02 (EET)

Reason.com (USA) : Republicans and Democrats Rev Up Spin Machine for Start of Public Impeachment Hearings – 18:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : WATCH LIVE: Public Impeachment Hearing With Bill Taylor, George Kent – 18:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Giuliani Peddles Nonsensical Notion That Trump Only ‘Requested,’ Didn’t ‘Demand’ Quid Pro Quo – 16:02 (EET)

Voice of America (USA) : 3 Witnesses Kick Off First Week of Historic Impeachment Hearings – 16:02 (EET)

NBC (USA) : Trump staffers have a choice: Loyalty and maybe prison, or betrayal and derision – 16:02 (EET)

CTV (Canada) : Impeachment hearings go live on TV with the 1st witnesses – 16:02 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : The Hill’s Morning Report – Diplomats kick off public evidence about Trump, Ukraine – 15:03 (EET)

FOX CT (USA) : Impeachment hearings go live on TV with the first witnesses – 15:03 (EET)

TPM (USA) : What Dems Need From The First Public Impeachment Hearing – 14:02 (EET)

The Atlantic (USA) : Joe Biden Has a Hillary Clinton Problem – 14:02 (EET)

The Atlantic (USA) : Trump’s Real Offense Was Outsourcing Diplomacy – 14:02 (EET)

NPR (Canada) : House Holds 1st Open Hearing In Trump Impeachment Inquiry – 13:02 (EET)

U.S. News (USA) : DC Bars Offer Specials, Early Hours for Impeachment Hearing – 13:02 (EET)

The Washington Times (USA) : DC bars offer specials, early hours for impeachment hearing – 13:02 (EET)

Voice of America (USA) : US House Set to Start Public Trump Impeachment Hearings – 12:03 (EET)

The New York Times (USA) : A Ukrainian Billionaire Fought Russia. Now He’s Ready to Embrace It. – 11:03 (EET)

The Daily Signal (USA) : Young People Might Reject Socialism If They Knew These Facts – 09:03 (EET)

CTV (Canada) : Live, from D.C.: Trump impeachment hearings about to go public – 08:02 (EET)

The Daily Beast (USA) : Ukraine Wants to Set the Record Straight on Taylor Testimony – 07:03 (EET)

National Newswatch (Canada) : Trump to face limits of his power in impeachment hearings – 07:03 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : Giuliani associate Lev Parnas discussed Ukraine with Trump at private dinner: report – 06:02 (EET)

FOX CT (USA) : Five things to watch for the first public impeachment hearing – 06:02 (EET)

The Daily Beast (USA) : Are the Impeachment Hearings Focused on the Wrong Country? – 06:02 (EET)

National Newswatch (Canada) : ‘Sad day’ or a ‘scam’? What to watch at impeachment hearing – 06:02 (EET)

The Blaze (USA) : House Dems circulate talking points to combat GOP impeachment defense – 05:02 (EET)

The Atlantic (USA) : The Atlantic Politics Daily: America’s Divisions May Get a Whole Lot Worse – 05:02 (EET)

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Ukraine Detectives Detain Presidential Office Department Head For Bribery – 04:02 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : William Taylor: What you need to know – 04:02 (EET)

The Daily Signal (USA) : China Poised to Benefit If Ukraine’s Western Relationships Fray – 04:02 (EET)

The Blaze (USA) : ‘This is an inquisition’: Schiff denies GOP witness requests on eve of ‘fair’ public impeachment hearings – 04:02 (EET)

The Daily Beast (USA) : Senate Dems to DOJ Watchdog: Is AG Barr Going After Trump Enemies? – 04:02 (EET)

CTV (Canada) : Risks for all sides as Trump impeachment hearings swing open – 03:02 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : Fox News legal analyst says quid pro quo is ‘clearly impeachable’: Trump requested ‘criminal’ act – 03:02 (EET)

The Daily Signal (USA) : 4 Things to Expect as the Trump Impeachment Inquiry Goes Public – 03:02 (EET)

Voice of America (USA) : House Democrats Take Trump Impeachment Inquiry Public – 02:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Bill Taylor Op-Ed Subtweets Entire Trump Ukraine Scandal – 02:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : NYT: Trump Has Talked About Firing IG Who Reported Whistleblower Complaint – 01:02 (EET)

National Newswatch (Canada) : Inauguration galas, an intimate dinner, and a White House party: Trump’s 10 interactions with indicted Giuliani associates – 01:02 (EET)

The American Interest (USA) : Laughter As Medicine – 01:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : How Rudy Giuliani And His Indicted Buddies Stormed The ’18 Midterms – 00:03 (EET)

The Blaze (USA) : Trump snaps at fake news media: ‘Be Quiet! Be Quiet!’ – 00:03 (EET)

Voice of America (USA) : Republicans Planning Vigorous Defense Against Trump Impeachment – 00:03 (EET)

World Tribune (USA) : Transcripts reveal bitter fight within NSC over Ukraine, President Trump – 00:03 (EET)

World Tribune (USA) : Reports: Ciaramella hosted 2016 White House meeting that issued demand to Ukraine – 00:03 (EET)

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World press about Ukraine

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