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Press about Ukraine in US and Canada. November 22, 2019

Global TV (Canada) : Ukraine claims Russia stripped toilets from seized ships before returning them – 23:04 (EET)

Radio Canada International (Canada) : Trudeau reassures Ukrainian president of Canada’s ‘steadfast’ support – 23:04 (EET)

New Republic (USA) : Bombshell: Impeachment Hearings DESTROY Gorpman and Bleemer – 23:04 (EET)

The Blaze (USA) : Former Trump NSA John Bolton teases a ‘backstory,’ claims the White House ‘suppressed’ his Twitter account: ‘Out of fear of what I may say?’ – 23:04 (EET)

NBC (USA) : Fact check: Trump’s false claims about Ukraine, DNC server – 22:01 (EET)

The Blaze (USA) : Wolf Blitzer afraid proof of FBI criminal actions during Russia probe may make people believe it’s true – 22:01 (EET)

CBC (Canada) : Trump doesn’t think he’ll be impeached, continues to push ‘Ukraine server’ conspiracy – 22:01 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : Senate Democrats ask Pompeo to recuse himself from Ukraine matters – 22:01 (EET)

The Washington Times (USA) : House Democrats say Pompeo must recuse himself on Ukraine issues – 22:01 (EET)

Voice of America (USA) : Trump Insists on Debunked Ukraine Theory, Despite Testimony – 21:06 (EET)

The Washington Post (USA) : Ukraine desperately wants the U.S. on its side. They just don’t know who has Trump’s ear anymore. – 21:06 (EET)

TPM (USA) : McCarthy Puts New Spin On His Opposition To Impeachment – 21:06 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Fiona Hill Had GOPers On The Run For Downplaying Russian Meddling In 2016 – 21:06 (EET)

Canada Free Press (Canada) : Tom Fitton: Trump Impeachment Hearings are Defensive Measure over Concerns about Lack of Due Process – 20:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Ukrainian at Center of Trump/Rudes Conspiracy Theory – 20:02 (EET)

Voice of America (USA) : Trump Impeachment Hearings Highlight Immigrants’ Stories – 20:02 (EET)

World Tribune (USA) : In letter to Pompeo, Sen. Graham requests documents on Bidens, Ukraine – 20:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Grassley, Johnson Push Ukraine-DNC Conspiracy Theory With Doc Demand – 19:01 (EET)

National Newswatch (Canada) : Trump claims Marie Yovanovitch refused to hang his portrait in embassy in Ukraine – 19:01 (EET)

The Washington Times (USA) : Mystery grows over Lebanon aid hold-up as impeachment looms – 19:01 (EET)

Toronto Star (Canada) : Trump doubles down on debunked Ukraine conspiracy theory – 18:05 (EET)

NBC (USA) : Trump trashes impeachment hearings, defends Giuliani’s Ukraine dealings – 18:05 (EET)

The Washington Post (USA) : Ukraine: Troubled, unwitting star of Trump impeachment drama – 18:05 (EET)

The Bellingham Herald (USA) : Ukraine: Troubled, unwitting star of Trump impeachment drama – 18:05 (EET)

The Daily Beast (USA) : Bolton Allies Cut Out ‘Three Amigos’ for Direct Line to Kyiv – 18:05 (EET)

National Newswatch (Canada) : Trump doubles down on debunked Ukraine conspiracy theory – 18:05 (EET)

Reason.com (USA) : As Impeachment Moves Forward, Trump’s Story Changes – 18:05 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Trump Weighs In On Holmes, Yovanovitch With A Heaping Dose Of Insults – 17:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Bolton Posts Cryptic Tweet Amid Speculation Over His Testimony Intentions – 17:02 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : Trump repeats debunked Ukraine claim a day after Hill’s tough testimony – 17:02 (EET)

Voice of America (USA) : Kremlin Denies Knowledge of Grisly Wagner Killing in Syria – 17:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Trump Accuses Yovanovitch of Not Hanging His Picture At Embassy – 17:02 (EET)

U.S. News (USA) : The Latest: Trump Says He Doesn’t Expect to Be Impeached – 17:02 (EET)

The Boston Globe (USA) : The Latest: Trump says he doesn’t expect to be impeached – 17:02 (EET)

The Washington Times (USA) : The Latest: Trump says he doesn’t expect to be impeached – 17:02 (EET)

CTV (Canada) : Trump doubles down on debunked Ukraine conspiracy theory – 17:02 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : Trump calls Sondland allegations ‘total nonsense’ – 17:02 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : Trump says people went easy on Yovanovitch because she’s a woman – 17:02 (EET)

The Boston Globe (USA) : Trump doubles down on debunked Ukraine conspiracy theory – 17:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Like Clockwork, Graham Launches Probe To Further Bogus Biden Conspiracy Theory – 16:02 (EET)

The Atlantic (USA) : Trump’s Crime Against America – 15:03 (EET)

NPR (Canada) : For Pence, Impeachment Inquiry Will Test A Political Path Shaped By Faith – 13:03 (EET)

The Atlantic (USA) : Democrats Know Trump Isn’t Going Anywhere – 13:03 (EET)

U.S. News (USA) : Former White House Aide Hill Is No-Nonsense Russia Analyst – 13:03 (EET)

The Daily Signal (USA) : Impeachment Evidence Not Even Close to Bribery, Heritage Legal Expert Says – 11:03 (EET)

The Washington Times (USA) : Analysis: Mountain of impeachment evidence beyond dispute – 10:03 (EET)

The Blaze (USA) : Lindsey Graham officially opens investigation into Joe Biden, his son, and their dealings in Ukraine – 08:02 (EET)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (USA) : Lindsey Graham launches a probe into the Bidens, Burisma and Ukraine – 08:02 (EET)

The Blaze (USA) : Kellyanne Conway thanks Rep. Adam Schiff for boost to President Trump – 07:02 (EET)

The Daily Beast (USA) : Here’s How Republicans Are Trying to Distance Trump From Rudy – 07:02 (EET)

Voice of America (USA) : Trumps Signs Stopgap Spending Bill – 06:03 (EET)

Voice of America (USA) : Impeachment Battle Mirrors US Political Divide – 05:02 (EET)

FOX CT (USA) : Former Trump adviser undercuts GOP impeachment defenses – 05:02 (EET)

Voice of America (USA) : Highlights of a Momentous Week of Impeachment Hearings – 05:02 (EET)

The Atlantic (USA) : The Atlantic Politics Daily: If Democrats Can’t Win Over Will Hurd – 05:02 (EET)

United Press International (USA) : Lindsey Graham launches Senate probe into Bidens, Ukraine – 04:02 (EET)

Los Angeles Times (USA) : White House, GOP embraced ‘fictional narrative’ on Ukraine, witness warns as impeachment hearings wrap – 04:02 (EET)

The Daily Beast (USA) : The Impeachment Hearings Didn’t Hear From the Seven Most Important Witnesses – 04:02 (EET)

The Blaze (USA) : Rudy Giuliani: Manafort’s ‘black ledger’ was a ‘fraud’, part of an US-Soros collaboration in Ukraine – 04:02 (EET)

The Christian Science Monitor (USA) : Ukraine in play: How Chinese investments change the game – 04:02 (EET)

Toronto Star (Canada) : Democrats leave Trump in suspense on where impeachment goes next – 03:02 (EET)

U.S. News (USA) : Fiona Hill: Trump Ukraine Dealings a ‘Domestic Political Errand’ – 03:02 (EET)

National Newswatch (Canada) : Lindsey Graham Begins Senate Investigation Into The Bidens – 03:02 (EET)

The Daily Signal (USA) : 7 Big Moments From Day 5 of Public Impeachment Hearings – 03:02 (EET)

Foreign Policy (USA) : U.S. Diplomacy’s ‘Gordon Problem’ Goes Way Beyond Gordon Sondland – 03:02 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : Hill, Holmes offer damaging impeachment testimony: Five takeaways – 03:02 (EET)

NBC (USA) : Former White House aide Fiona Hill tangles with GOP lawmakers over Ukraine meddling claims – 03:02 (EET)

Business Insider (USA) : Fiona Hill and David Holmes gave powerful testimony about how everything was about to ‘blow up’ with Trump and Ukraine. Here are the biggest takeaways from their impeachment-inquiry hearing. – 02:02 (EET)

CBC (Canada) : Missed Day 5 of the impeachment hearings? Here are some key moments – 02:02 (EET)

Business Insider (USA) : There’s a huge loophole in the GOP’s claim that Trump’s sale of Javelin missiles to Ukraine shows his support for the country – 01:02 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : Graham requests State Department documents on Bidens, Ukraine – 01:02 (EET)

The Christian Science Monitor (USA) : Ukraine in play: How Chinese investments change the game – 01:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : 4 Major Moments From Hearing Day Dominated By Fiona Hill – 01:02 (EET)

The Washington Times (USA) : Impeachment hearing takeaways: A ‘domestic political errand’ – 01:02 (EET)

The American Interest (USA) : The Puzzle of Singapore – 01:02 (EET)

CBS (USA) : Ukraine’s president denies request to release Trump call records – 00:02 (EET)

The American Interest (USA) : Is Singapore a Democacy? – 00:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : McCarthy Suggests Pulling The Plug On Impeachment Just As Testimony Heats Up – 00:02 (EET)

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World press about Ukraine

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