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Press about Ukraine in US and Canada. November 5, 2019

Business Insider (USA) : Former diplomat Kurt Volker says Rudy Giuliani was a ‘direct conduit’ to Ukraine and demanded they publicly announce an investigation into the Bidens – 23:02 (EET)

Reason.com (USA) : Ambassador Changes Testimony, Admits Giving Quid Pro Quo Message to Ukraine – 23:02 (EET)

CBS (USA) : Transcripts released in impeachment inquiry – 23:02 (EET)

CTV (Canada) : Trump impeachment: Aid was tied to Ukraine statement on corruption, diplomat says – 23:02 (EET)

Global TV (Canada) : U.S. diplomat changes testimony, acknowledges quid pro quo over Ukraine aid – 23:02 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : READ: Top diplomat revises testimony to indicate quid pro quo with Ukraine – 23:02 (EET)

The Daily Beast (USA) : Gordon Sondland Admits He Told Ukraine Aid Was Tied to Biden Probe – 23:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : The Ins And Outs of Sondland’s Impeachment Testimony – 23:02 (EET)

United Press International (USA) : New impeachment transcripts show change in testimony by Trump diplomat Gordon Sondland – 23:02 (EET)

National Newswatch (Canada) : Sondland changes testimony, acknowledges delivering quid pro quo message to Ukraine – 23:02 (EET)

NBC (USA) : Sondland changes testimony, acknowledges delivering quid pro quo message to Ukraine – 23:02 (EET)

CNBC (USA) : Trump ambassador changes testimony, admits he explained quid pro quo to Ukraine – 23:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : READ: Former US Special Envoy To Ukraine Kurt Volker’s Impeachment Testimony – 22:02 (EET)

Business Insider (USA) : Gordon Sondland, US ambassador to the EU, is the latest witness to confirm a quid pro quo between Trump and Ukraine – 22:02 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : Sondland, Trump’s appointee, changes testimony and says there was clear quid pro quo – 22:02 (EET)

The American Interest (USA) : The Impeachment Conundrum – 22:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Updated Sondland Testimony Provides New Details On Ukraine Quid Pro Quo – 22:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Impeachment Probe Releases Key Transcripts Of Interviews With EU Ambassador, Former Ukraine Envoy – 22:02 (EET)

NPR (Canada) : New Transcripts Of Closed-Door Depositions Released In Trump Impeachment Inquiry – 22:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : House Requests Deposition From Mick Mulvaney – 22:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Scalise Tries To Discredit Yovanovitch By Calling Her An ‘Obama Holdover’ – 21:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Nunes Spoke To Ex-Ukrainian Diplomat Who Fueled Bogus DNC Conspiracy Theory – 21:02 (EET)

The Daily Beast (USA) : Meghan McCain Compares Herself to Marie Yovanovitch: Trump Went After Me Too! – 21:02 (EET)

Reason.com (USA) : Impeachment Depositions Cast Light on a State Department Driven by Devotion to Trump – 21:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : As Trump Applauded Approvingly, Rand Paul Urged Media To ‘Print’ Whistleblower Name – 20:03 (EET)

The Blaze (USA) : NBC asks voters how they feel about impeachment — and they make it clear: ‘Bunch of little kids’ – 20:03 (EET)

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Russia ‘Biggest Obstacle’ To Peace In Ukraine, Says Lithuanian Foreign Minister – 20:03 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : Sean Hannity says he never spoke with Pompeo about Ukraine – 19:02 (EET)

The Atlantic (USA) : The Republican Doctrine of Trumpian Infallibility – 18:02 (EET)

NBC (USA) : More witnesses expected to skip impeachment depositions Tuesday – 18:02 (EET)

Voice of America (USA) : Former Ambassador Says she was Warned to ‘Watch my Back’ – 18:02 (EET)

United Press International (USA) : Impeachment investigators to release more testimony Tuesday, of Gordon Sondland, Kurt Volker – 17:03 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Hannity Denies State Dept Asked Him To Tone Down Attacks On Yovanovitch – 17:03 (EET)

Global TV (Canada) : 5 takeaways from newly released pages of the Trump impeachment inquiry – 16:02 (EET)

Business Insider (USA) : The ex-US ambassador to Ukraine said she was told to ‘go big or go home’ and tweet lavish praise for Trump to keep her job – 15:03 (EET)

New Republic (USA) : The Political Corruption Legalized by the Supreme Court – 15:03 (EET)

The Atlantic (USA) : How a Populist Destroys America – 14:02 (EET)

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Exiled Russian Journalist Babchenko Says He Left Ukraine ‘Temporarily’ – 14:02 (EET)

The Atlantic (USA) : The American Prisoner Caught Between Trump and the Kremlin – 13:03 (EET)

Voice of America (USA) : Experts Say Impeachment Fallout Might Hurt Pompeo’s Potential Senate Run – 12:02 (EET)

The Boston Globe (USA) : Former ambassador says she was warned to ‘watch my back’ – 09:03 (EET)

The Washington Times (USA) : Former ambassador says she was warned to ‘watch my back’ – 09:03 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : Rand Paul demands media print whistleblower’s name – 05:02 (EET)

The Blaze (USA) : Hunter Biden-linked firm Burisma asked Obama administration for help amid corruption probe – 04:02 (EET)

CBS (USA) : First transcripts in impeachment inquiry released – 04:02 (EET)

CBS (USA) : Ex-Ukraine ambassador says Giuliani led charge to get her replaced – 04:02 (EET)

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Amid Shelling, School Evacuated Near Ukraine Town Where Troops Withdrew Ahead Of Peace Talks – 03:02 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Giuliani Pal Lev Parnas May Comply With The Impeachment Inquiry After All – 02:02 (EET)

The Daily Signal (USA) : US Troops Prepare to Fight in a Way That Looks More Like World War II – 02:02 (EET)

The Washington Times (USA) : US envoy says Ukraine officials warned her about Giuliani – 02:02 (EET)

The Washington Times (USA) : ‘Go big or go home’: Key takeaways from impeachment pages – 02:02 (EET)

The American Interest (USA) : The Rallying Cry We Need – 01:03 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Impeachment Be Damned: In Ukraine And US, The Hunt For Dirt Continues – 01:03 (EET)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (USA) : The ex-Ukraine ambassador felt threatened by Trump, according to newly released transcripts – 01:03 (EET)

The Atlantic (USA) : The Federal Government Fears Trump’s Tweets – 01:03 (EET)

The Daily Beast (USA) : Republicans’ Sad New Trump Defense: Is Attempted Murder Really a Crime? – 01:03 (EET)

Voice of America (USA) : Trump, in 2020 Election Preview, Pushes Republican Candidates in Tuesday Voting – 01:03 (EET)

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : U.S. Lawmakers Release Transcript Of Interview With Former Ukraine Ambassador – 00:02 (EET)

CTV (Canada) : Former U.S. envoy says she was warned she was being targeted – 00:02 (EET)

Global TV (Canada) : Vaccine mistrust in Ukraine weakens the world’s defences, experts worry – 00:02 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : Trump wanted to build resort in Ukraine before taking office: report – 00:02 (EET)

World press about Ukraine

World press about Ukraine

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