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Press about Ukraine in US and Canada. October 18, 2019

TPM (USA) : This Week: Mulvaney Blows It – 23:16 (EET)

The Blaze (USA) : Trump campaign to sue CNN for bias and false advertising – 23:16 (EET)

Voice of America (USA) : With Warren’s Rise, Biden Draws Dems’ Anxiety About 2020 Bid – 22:19 (EET)

The Boston Globe (USA) : Shifting explanations for withholding aid draw GOP alarm – 21:18 (EET)

The Daily Beast (USA) : Ukrainians Blame Trump for ‘Capitulation’ in the War With Russia – 21:18 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : GOP lawmaker responds to Mulvaney: ‘Are we trying to exculpate Russia?’ – 20:17 (EET)

The Daily Beast (USA) : Fox News Host Ed Henry: Not ‘Media’s Fault’ Mick Mulvaney Admitted Quid Pro Quo – 20:17 (EET)

The Blaze (USA) : Diplomat: I tried to warn the Obama administration about Hunter Biden and Ukraine in 2015, but no one would listen – 20:17 (EET)

The Blaze (USA) : Rick Perry tells President Trump he’s out as energy secretary amid increasing attention from Ukraine controversy – 20:17 (EET)

The Nation (USA) : Ukrainegate Risks Handing Trump Another Gift – 19:20 (EET)

The Daily Beast (USA) : GOP Rep. Rooney Won’t Rule Out Impeachment: It’s ‘Certainly Clear’ There Was Quid Pro Quo – 19:20 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Murkowski Condemns Mulvaney’s Remarks, Few Other GOPers Speak Up – 18:17 (EET)

The Atlantic (USA) : The Senate Must Rein In Trump – 18:17 (EET)

CNS News (USA) : Energy Secretary Perry: Biden Name Did Not Come Up in His Conversations With Ukraine, White House – 18:17 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Perry Unfazed By Directive To Consult With Giuliani On Ukraine: ‘I Trusted Him’ – 17:23 (EET)

The Blaze (USA) : On Ukraine and ‘quid pro quo’, the Trump White House’s inconsistent messaging fuels impeachment inquiry – 17:23 (EET)

CNS News (USA) : Rep. Jackie Speier: ‘We’re Hearing Conflicting Recall of What Actually Took Place’ With Ukraine – 17:23 (EET)

Reason.com (USA) : Mick Mulvaney Confirms, Then Denies That Trump Withheld Military Aid to Ukraine To Compel the Country to Investigate Democrats – 17:23 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Perry Announces Resignation With Video Called ‘The Coolest Job I Ever Had’ – 16:18 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : House Democrats risk overriding fairness factor on impeachment – 16:18 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Sondland: Trump Pressured Me Into Sending That ‘No Quid Pro Quo’ Text – 16:18 (EET)

Voice of America (USA) : Tensions Running High in Washington Over Impeachment, Syria – 16:18 (EET)

Los Angeles Times (USA) : Newsletter: ‘Get over it’ – 15:17 (EET)

Business Insider (USA) : Mick Mulvaney tries to claw back his confirmation — made on live TV — that Trump threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine to secure political dirt on Democrats – 14:18 (EET)

The Atlantic (USA) : ‘Get Over It’ Is the Essence of Trumpism – 14:18 (EET)

CBS (USA) : Mulvaney links delay in Ukraine aid to 2016 probe — live updates – 13:18 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Why Does One White House Lawyer Keep Coming Up In The Ukraine Scandal? – 13:18 (EET)

CNS News (USA) : Mulvaney Explains Military Aid Hold-Up for Ukraine: Trump ‘Doesn’t Like Spending Money Overseas’ – 13:18 (EET)

U.S. News (USA) : 10 Things to Know for Today – 13:18 (EET)

NPR (Canada) : Get Caught Up: 4 Big Questions About The Trump-Ukraine Affair – 13:18 (EET)

National Newswatch (Canada) : Greta, food waste and a wild ride in a stolen pickup; In-The-News for Oct. 18 – 12:18 (EET)

CBC (Canada) : How the Trump impeachment probe could threaten Ukraine’s anti-corruption efforts – 11:18 (EET)

Voice of America (USA) : Trump Rallies Supporters in Texas – 11:18 (EET)

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : U.S. Energy Secretary Perry To Resign Amid Ukraine Inquiry – 09:16 (EET)

The Daily Beast (USA) : Laura Ingraham: Mick Mulvaney Admitted to Quid Pro Quo Because He’s Not a Lawyer (Except He Is!) – 08:18 (EET)

The Washington Times (USA) : White House: Ukraine aid held up in part over election probe – 08:18 (EET)

Miami Herald (USA) : White House: Ukraine aid held up in part over election probe – 07:16 (EET)

United Press International (USA) : Energy Secretary Rick Perry announces plans to resign amid Ukraine probe – 07:16 (EET)

The Daily Beast (USA) : Nunes Tries to Use Steele Dossier to Defend Trump During Closed-Door Hearing – 05:17 (EET)

The Daily Beast (USA) : Trevor Noah Can’t Believe Mick Mulvaney Just Confessed to Trump-Ukraine ‘Corruption’ – 05:17 (EET)

The Washington Post (USA) : After saying Trump held back aid to pressure Ukraine, Mulvaney tries to walk back comments – 05:17 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : Testimony from GOP diplomat complicates Trump defense – 04:17 (EET)

CBS (USA) : Mulvaney: Probing 2016 election was a factor in withholding Ukraine aid – 04:17 (EET)

FOX CT (USA) : VERIFY: No, Facebook didn’t endorse President Trump – 04:17 (EET)

NBC (USA) : Energy Sec. Rick Perry, embroiled in Ukraine affair, to resign, Trump says – 03:19 (EET)

Voice of America (USA) : Trump Seeks to Rally Supporters in Texas – 03:19 (EET)

NBC (USA) : Mulvaney walks back his remarks that Trump held up Ukraine aid for political reasons – 03:19 (EET)

CBS (USA) : Mulvaney says delay in Ukraine aid linked to DOJ investigation – 02:17 (EET)

National Newswatch (Canada) : Energy Sec. Rick Perry, embroiled in Ukraine affair, tells Trump he’ll resign soon – 02:17 (EET)

The Daily Signal (USA) : 4 Big Indicators of What’s Next in Impeachment Process – 02:17 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Mulvaney Claims He Didn’t Say What He Actually Said On Ukraine – 02:17 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : Trump confirms Rick Perry to step down as Energy secretary – 02:17 (EET)

NBC (USA) : Energy Sec. Rick Perry, embroiled in Ukraine affair, tells Trump he’ll resign soon – 02:17 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : Mulvaney walks back comments tying Ukraine aid to 2016 probe – 02:17 (EET)

The Daily Beast (USA) : Sean Hannity Goes Off on Mick Mulvaney: ‘I Just Think He’s Dumb’ – 01:16 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : Survey: 54 percent Americans support Trump impeachment inquiry – 01:16 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : Democrats say they want Mulvaney to testify in Trump impeachment probe – 01:16 (EET)

Voice of America (USA) : 2 Plead Not Guilty of Conspiring With Giuliani Associates – 01:16 (EET)

The Daily Beast (USA) : Our Commander in Chief is a Petulant Little Child, and the Bad Guys of the World Have His Number – 01:16 (EET)

Global TV (Canada) : Aid for Ukraine was delayed party due to election probe, White House admits – 00:17 (EET)

Voice of America (USA) : Energy Secretary Perry Tells Trump He Plans on Resigning – 00:17 (EET)

The Hill (USA) : Perry notified Trump he will resign: reports – 00:17 (EET)

TPM (USA) : Perry Tells Trump He’ll Resign As Energy Secretary – 00:17 (EET)

The American Interest (USA) : Azerbaijan: Reform Behind a Static Façade – 00:17 (EET)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (USA) : Amid quid pro quo denials, Mulvaney says Trump curbed Ukraine’s aid in part to spur a probe – 00:17 (EET)

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World press about Ukraine

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