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The Pope issued a Christmas day prayer calling for the UN peace process in Syria and Libya

http://syndication.ap.org/AP.Distro.ContentBroker2/ContentBroker.aspx?contentid=2f2e7242c8c08b398b0f6a7067006554&iid=dd556c26608b4363a1021dcdf2178a98&rsn=0&recordid=dd556c26608b4363a1021dcdf2178a98&filingId=4be2a3d583e847618509912b1a94babd&role=Preview&reldt=2015-12-25T11:12:53&media=Photo&sz=&dest=ak&trF=GB104&ofn=Vatican%2bChristmas.JPEG&fmt=jpg&relativeUrl=jpg/2015/201512/25/2f2e7242c8c08b398b0f6a7067006554.jpg&s3Key=preview.jpg&authToken=eNotizEOwyAQBF8EWsCc7QIpXwkYS1fEWMYoKe7xuUhpZouZlfpJFOJCKzzBASAPSOHkd19nP3lTlgKz5LAqsBt6zqBZuxgnabzpHTHI6Km04744j7td%2fZFH56N2ReetXra0lwzW2IGCnO%2f0Fy5C%2bEw0WRXW%2fdbFL%2bEyLXA%3dVATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis issued a Christmas Day prayer that recent U.N.-backed peace agreements for Syria and Libya will quickly end the suffering of their people, denouncing the “monstrous evil” and atrocities they have endured and praising the countries that have taken in their refugees.
Speaking from the central balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica, Francis issued a plenary indulgence for Catholics in hopes of spreading the church’s message of mercy in a world torn by war, poverty and extremist attacks. The sun-soaked St. Peter’s Square was under heavy security, as it has been since the Nov. 13 Paris attacks …read more

Source: Business Insider

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