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Facing Up to the Past, German-Style

compulsion to find meaning in chaos has produced many Theories of Trumpism.
Initially shocked by such an erratic candidate and a startlingly racist
campaign immediately following the United States’ first black president, some
observers have, with hindsight, deemed the anomaly not only explainable, but
even predictable. Backlash to Obama, to urbanization, to globalization were all
bound to happen, some say.LEARNING FROM THE GERMANS: RACE AND THE MEMORY OF EVIL by Susan NeimanFarrar, Straus and Giroux, 434 pp, $30.00Other
narratives take a longer view. And one in particular has gained favor in the
past few years: Whatever Trump the person himself signifies, Trumpism as a
phenomenon—interpreted as an expression …read more

Source:: The New Republic



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